Monday, 29 August 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #30 Coffee & Cream Dreams

Working on this lately!
So the title for this blanket has literally sprung to mind as I wrote the title for this post - yay! It may change, but for now I like this, as the colours of this blanket remind me of a latte with cream on top (don't drink them any more as I avoid coffee, even decaff for health reasons). I thought you'd like to see how I'm getting on with it. My phone is used so you get a scale of the blanket, it nearly covers the width of my bed. I'm not sure how many more rows are left. I've several balls of yarn for each other, so I'll wait and see how far I can go! 

Yesterday I did crochet for most of the morning - still being rather flakey health wise, needing to take it as easy as I can as I have little energy for thinking straight. I think it's a way to get me to do more craft, but please don't tell my body I've said that or it might stay in flakey mode for a good while! Which is bad, especially as I'm awaiting an order of my current top hot chocolate/chocolate milk making product since I've nearly run out. 
Full of chocolately goodness!

I have it occasionally, especially if I'm flakey and need pepping up (is that even a word? Should I say boosting up?). With no more in the shop it was originally bought from I went online to my store of choice, Amazon, and got a great 3 bottle deal for £10! Bargain!!! I do have healthier drinks that perk me up for a few moments, like today's peach, coconut + almond milk & spinach smoothie, but sadly the effects of both drinks never last more than a few minutes.
Green smoothies are tasty!
I haven't done any craft today - been too flakey. I read this morning, watched anime after lunch, and after routine afternoon chores I'm going to watch some Once Upon A Time season 3 while doing crochet and gaming. It's not my favourite season, so having something else to do while watching it helps me through the parts I dislike (which is any part without Emma/Snow and with Pan). Stay tuned for more news on this growing project! 
Hope you can fit in a bit of relaxation in your day!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Recovering from a migraine

Looks so cute & peaceful!
Had it yesterday, got the usual post migraine exhaustion so am resting lots today between necessary tasks (which are nearly all finished, yay!) Have a super weekend and hope to post some more tomorrow ^o^

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #166 Hairball, anyone?

It's a gloriously hot day - sadly no Mount Fuji is in my skyline.
So today has (so far) been a non craft day - well, I'm about to do some writing which is a craft, just not one involving yarn which I usually deal with. Earlier today I had errands, and this afternoon I came face to face with an ongoing problem which my family never had with our other cats: hairballs. 
Found this while looking up hairball cartoons  - it made me smile ^o^ Very appropriate for this blog!
I will spare you a disgusting photo of a hairball - they aren't nice. While they are associated with long hair cats (my cat is medium long-haired), short haired cats can get them too. Google hairballs and you'll get a wealth of information. In an attempt to help Belle we are now brushing her at least 2 x a week, which she doesn't appreciate. Unfortunately she's had a sore on her chin that we've had to treat with cream and special solution, so if me or my family so much as look at her with a tissue in our hand then she runs away. 
From her behaviour she always feels bad after being sick. Never her fault though.
This is sad but unfortunately she has to have the cream, and we have to brush her. She's had several hairballs this year which have been completely gross (yes I'm the one who deals with them now, probably making up for all the times my previous cats were sick and my family dealt with their mess). Today I even squidged the lump to be sure it's a hairball - I'm 89% sure it is. 
I'm undoubtedly biased but my cat is gorgeous, hairballs and all!
I've looked online for help about hairballs, and I think the next step is probably going to be making sure some of her diet includes specially prepared anti-hairball food. I hope she likes it! Gross factor aside (I'm now oddly used to cleaning up hairballs), hairballs if not thrown up can create blockages in the intenstine - no one wants a poorly cat. Here's hoping for less hairballs for the next half of 2016! 

I'd love to hear if you've dealt with hairballs: is there a particular brand/treatment which works for your cat? 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #165 Unexpected Cat Alarm

Tick tock! Would love a pretty alarm clock like this one (although it might just be a normal clock...)
A lot of people wake up to an alarm. I used to almost every day when I had my last job. For now I'm able to be alarm free most days, which is nice, since I have trouble sleeping (wake early most of the time sometimes for no reason but mostly because of my chronic pain issues). 

If you read my last post you'll know I didn't sleep great on Sunday night, so really needed a good sleep Monday. I wear both a sleep mask and ear plugs to help make it super dark and quiet. Imagine my surprise when at 4.30am (my family checked the time) I get woken up by my cat who is purring super strong (she doesn't do that often) and wanting cuddles. My minor annoyance at waking up dissipated fast because I adore tickling her soft furry tummy, especially when she's in a super good mood. 
Look at that tummy!
Unfortunately I fell back asleep - if that happens it makes me even more tired that day than if I'd stayed up (doesn't make sense to me, but that's how it is with me). So yesterday was another quiet day. So is today, but at least I'm up for some crochet! I'm still working on this blanket, but it's growing steadily. 

After lunch I am switching to gaming, since one game I'm playing, Love Live School Idol Festival has an event that finishes today: for some reason the game's clock seems to be set to Japanese time, even though obviously the tablet is set to English time, so I've got until about 4pm to get 9 more special hearts so I can get special cards from the event. I realise to most of you that may not make sense, so I promise not to say more than that on it! 
This event is for girls in the unit called BiBI (part of the Muse unit) - it includes 2 of my favourite characters, Eli (right) and Maki (left), plus Nico (middle)
Have you ever spent a few hours trying to either get something in a game for a special event, or maybe lined up/queued to buy a special item/get something signed? It's similar to what I'm doing today! 
So true!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #164 Zoink!

I felt like an owl last night! They are such beautiful creatures ^o^
That's the sound of my thoughts today! I'm having a quiet day reading since it took until gone 2am to get to sleep last night, so I'm feeling what I term as being hungover (since I don't touch alcohol). Craft is a no-go as my body is too tired for it. Might watch dvds later, might not. Doing my best to avoid a migraine which can happen when I'm this tired. See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #163 Rest, Crochet, Malificent ,& Friendship

I love silhouette pictures, this one is peaceful
Sorry for being absent for nearly a week! I've had a busy one. Monday was a super long day for me visiting a friend (I didn't get home until 5.30pm), so inevitably Tuesday I was shattered and needed to rest. Wednesday I had an important meeting which was a little stressful, so Thursday I rested all day. I'd planned to do blog work on Friday, but my body didn't like the weather trying to rain so I needed to rest all day again. 

A previous progress picture (possibly not the latest one, but that's ok)
Resting I've gamed lots, read a bit, and done zero craft...however Monday I was doing craft with my friend! Making good progress on this blanket, as you can see.
Here's where I am now!
...which is all the craft I've managed to do. Regular readers know that some weeks are like this for me - my body has a mind of its own, frequently not connected with what I want to do. Still I make the most of resting by watching fun dvds. I finally watched Malificent by Disney. 
Go watch this film!
It's AWESOME!!! I absolutely loved it as a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I may review it on Nayu's Reading Corner soon, although I got a smidge annoyed with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) being permanently upbeat. She only got upset once. I was even captivated by the darker parts, which are more sad than scary (sad because of what happens during/after them). The CGI parts were seamless, and it's an all round amazing show. 

Today I had coffee with a friend, which was nice. She is sadly moving in November, so taking advantage of seeing her as much as I can before then (we usually meet twice a month, but she is going to be several hours away rather than a mere 15 minutes). I will get to visit her a few times a year, but it's not the same as every other week. On the upside I'll get to visit a part of the country I haven't been to much - Devon! I think of clotted cream tea & fudge, so will make those top of my things to experience while there. (I could be getting confused with Cornwall...)
Yummy clotted cream!
That's it for now. Since I suspect the weather could be up and down this week, I'm doing work when I can, and resting when I can't (if that makes sense). Going with the flow of life is all any of us can ever do! I hope you're having a fun weekend ^o^ 
Dory has the right attitude!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #162 Unity of gaming & craft

Wish I had a relaxation corner like this! I could curl up and read, or game on my handhelds, or do craft...
So today I've done a bit of blog work, and shortly going to game and read. Craft may be later, I'm a bit flaky today so anything that can be done is a bonus. I definitely want to read the next chapter in my wip that I'm working on (work in progress), hopefully even make notes on it too. 

This morning I came up with today's title, because it makes sense to me. I find gaming so (or should that be a bad pun of sew?!) motivational. There are heaps of colours and patterns in most games, the cuter the better! While at the moment I don't have enough supplies to create game specific items, I feel inspired by what I see, and want to share today's favourite picture: 

Miku's standard outfit!
This is the vocaloid (non-human synthesized voice) Hatsune Miku, known as Miku! She is extremely famous with her twin ponytails, but, as you can see in the photo below she has many different hair styles & colours + lots of outfits. 
Miku with gorgeous ombre hair! (if that's the correct term...)
This is one which I've unlocked in the game. I adore the combination of green and pink in her hair, it looks super cute, and provides a colour combination for me to store in my not so brilliant memory for future projects. Here's the other outfit I've unlocked - I wanted to put pictures of my game but my email is taking ages to load. 
She's so cute! Got a snow white outfit here, I think.
I'd love to hear about your ideal relaxation space, and what games/music/videos/something else inspires you in your craft!