Thursday, 15 February 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #273 Resting lots!

She is so peaceful!
I hope to post something next week, but it is going to be a while longer because I'm still exhausted from the move - at one point I was too tired to game, so it was just dvd watching. Now I can game and read which has made a huge difference! I've an annual routine hospital appointment in London today, which will wear me out even further - just wanted to let you know I'm ok! Will be back when I can, but I can't push my body or I'll be worse for longer. It's a fine balance that I'm managing carefully. 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #272 The big secret project reveal!

What is it?
This post is literally html copied and pasted from my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner, hence the abundance of anime pictures. I'm in a rush to finish this post which is why I haven't changed it for you - sorry! Embrace the cuteness ^u^

For a while I've been talking about a mysterious secret project that's taken a lot of my time. It's been going on for over a year, and I can finally reveal what it is. 
It involves a lot of boxes, without me in them.
A lot of boxes!
 I've moved house! My family has moved house, so since I live with them I've moved too. Thankfuly it's still in the same area, which I like a lot. It's a lot of change, including keeping my cat inside for a few months (not that she wonders much past our old garden). I'm showing no photos for privacy reasons, mostly for my family's sake and also mine - I spend a lot of time in my room and only want friends and family to see it. Once I'm back online you'll notice any pictures I take will have a different carpet as the background, but that's the only change that you'll see. The rest is in the chaos of packing/unpacking/waiting for the internet to be connected - at the time of writing this post it may not be for at least a week, although my family are trying to persuade the service provider to do it sooner. 
I feel like Akari from Aria does - happy the secret is allowed to be revealed!
That's why I asked for happy thoughts and prayers 2 weeks ago, because at the time everything nearly fell through, but thank God it didn't. That's all the info I'm giving, there have been a ridiculous amount of difficulties and it's wonderful for it to finally happen. It's why I've been randomly busy for several days in a row, it's called packing. Thankfully I've just got my room to pack/unpack, not the whole house.

I'll be feeling a lot like Aika from Aria when she has to clear a load of stuff.
My family visiting from Australia is leaving soon, so I should have had a gaming day with them yesterday, and I'm now happily in lala land from taking my mega strong meds last night too.

You'll know when I'm back online because I'll probably say something on Twitter (my posts are auto-scheduled by software so it's not me putting them up in real time, as it were). Until then take care, and I'll see you when my new room is all set up! 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #271 More mystery things

Life's just busy at the moment
I hope you've all been having a good week. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I asked for happy thoughts & prayers yesterday, as me and my family needed something non health related to go well. The good news is it did! It's linked with the secret project I've mentioned previously, and is keeping me busy until February. Be sure to check back here February 1st when I'll reveal what it is! 

There won't be any more posts on here until February - you'll understand why once I do the big reveal. I'm not saying any more than that! By mid February I should return to what classes as a normal blogging schedule. Before then please do hop over to my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner as I have several book reviews scheduled as well as a gaming (Pokemon) post. 
See you in a few weeks!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #270 Life happens

Everyone go aww for this adorable baby bunny!
Sorry I haven't blogged recently (I don't think I have..) I intended to sooner but my body hasn't been liking Winter. I'm having my mega strong medicines tonight, so will be in Lala land until late next week. I haven't had time to preschedule any posts, and the secret project is still taking up my time and energy. Hopefully I can reveal it in mid-February, but other people are involved so I don't have complete control on the timing of it all. It will be worth the wait, I promise! Sorry this is so short - hopefully the cute picture brightens your day! I've mostly been gaming as it keeps me distracted and is easy for me to do. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #269 The Mystery Project Continues

I hope you have a fun Friday planned! Today and tomorrow I'm busy with a secret mystery project, which I think I've mentioned a few times both here and on my other blog Nayu's Reading Corner. Craft is related to it a little, and I'm hoping I can reveal all in February! I'm increasing the fun by listening to a lot of Hatsune Miku music, my favourite vocaloid who has hundreds of music videos on Youtube. I'm thankful to have her video games to play with!
This is one of her yearly winter outfits!
Because of the nature of the project there probably won't be a post until at least Monday, as I'll need Sunday & maybe Monday to recover. Thank you for being patient! 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #9 What 2018 holds for my blogs

Head on over to my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner to see my thoughts at the start of the year! The link is generic because I can't put a link for a post which isn't yet up - if you know how to do that then please let me know!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy 2018!

Picture from a random internet search.
While not the 1st day of the year this is the first post of the year, so I hope everyone has an awesome 2018! I don't do reflections on the past year online, what I've read/gamed/played etc. I'd love to but with limited energy resources I have to be selective in what I do post about, and I prefer to look forward rather than back. 
Hello Kitty says it best!