Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #277 Snow has gone (again) & Spring cleaning

This picture says it perfectly!
I don't know how many of you had more snow this week (in England, but I guess anywhere in the world can have snow again!), but mine has all melted. I didn't make another snow angel or snow bunny - it probably wasn't the wisest of things to do the first time it snowed so I wisely stayed inside. 

Today is a rainy day, but I managed to coax my cat outside for a few minutes before both our breakfasts while it was dry. It takes quite a while to get her out, and she fled inside after a weird noise (to her). She spent the rest of the day snoozing on a bed! 

My wardrobe is a built in one, otherwise I'd love a pink one like this!
I've run errands and done laundry today (dull and not interesting) but tomorrow's activity is a little different. A friend is coming to help be my hands & energy to finish sorting my room from moving house. It means that I'll be a) able to get to my wardrobe easier & b) actually open my wardrobe without fear of what may fall it out from the various boxes and items stacked in it. Books will get on shelves-yay! 
Imagine having a wardrobe this big...or bigger! To be honest I'd rather use the space for books & toys...
It would have taken me at least a few months if I'd done it all myself, and while my family sweetly offered to help I asked my friend so that there's no chance of any disagreement while sorting through things. I've got some extra yummy cookies, tasty soup and rolls, and a choice of either bread & butter pudding or rice pudding to keep my friend going. What I can do in a day my friend will do probably in minutes, so her help is very much appreciated. 

Saturday I have an errand to run and then it's time for mega strong medicine again! Cue several days lying down with lots of gaming (or whatever I can handle). That means blogging will be sporadic but I'm pre-scheduling 2 posts so you'll have something to read! I'd love to hear if any of you are spring cleaning or sorting things after moving. It's the time of year for it and usually feels good afterwards - getting rid of items is extremely hard but most can be reused by others via charity shops which makes me feel somewhat better about saying goodbye to items. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #276 The Perils of Technology

Randomly found on Google (not my desk)
I love technology because it makes life fun (gaming consoles & tablets), it makes life easier (internet shopping) and is usually fairly fast in working. I know almost everyone one of you have experienced a technology fail which is what this post is about. 

I use Hotmail for some of my email addresses - I have several for different purposes. I usually don't look at my hotmail email within a browser, my laptop opens all my emails in one place where it's easy to switch the accounts without reloading a variety of screens. Occasionally it plays up, and today I discover it had done that without me realising. For the past few weeks I thought it was odd that I hadn't had many emails on the account I use mostly for book reviews - I kept looking, but there were only a handful of new ones. 

Ever had an inbox glitch?
Today my laptop decided to let me view all the emails that I'd 'missed' because it threw an unnecessary tantrum: which lead to some emails from early February to be refound and hastily replied to. I wasn't the happiest with it but there was nothing I could do but thank God none of the emails were super urgent. I thankfully didn't miss out on being able to have two fun books for review which I was a bit worried about as they look such fun reads.

This has happened a few times in the past, it's annoying, and hopefully I'll remember to check in on the browser version from time to time (I probably will forget to do this). Computers can have a mind of their own! Sometimes they throw a hissy fit for no apparent reason, often when we have little time to deal with difficult machines, making us spend many minutes coaxing them to work, then work perfectly the next time we use them. I wouldn't ever want to be without a computer and the internet as it's a gateway to engaging with so many people that it's mindblowing. I don't have millions of blog viewers, yet each and everyone one of you is important and use technology to read every single post I write. 

It's time for lunch so I can let my laptop have a rest while I rest up with anime! Then it's book reading time - I'm reading Ruin by Samantha Towle for a review - the picture isn't going up as it's not entirely appropriate for the blog, but it's a great romance and I guessed a plot element before it happened (I like it when that happens). Whatever you're doing today I hope you have a great Monday! 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #275 #Cat Mayhem!

My sweet girl is adorable!!!!
For the last few weeks my cat has been stuck in the house because we moved house and want her to be settled. As a rescue cat she is very nervous about anyone new, and since we've needed various strangers to do some jobs around the house she has spent a fair bit of time under my bed. Thankfully she is mostly adjusted to the new house, and sleeps on my bed a lot, loves watching the world go by on bedroom window sills (not just mine although mine is popular) and most of all loves watching my two Zebra finches Tomoya and Hibiki flit about in their cage. Lately she has been thinking about attcking them - her body posture tells me she wanted to pounce on them. That is a sure sign she needs to go outside to let off steam by trying to catch the birds outside. 

I am playing with her toys when I remember and am well enough to do so, to help get rid of her mischievous energy. The good news is slowly we are letting her go outside.. The first time my family carried her around the enclosed garden, she then ran inside. On Wednesday morning at breakfast I opened the patio door to let her out. I went out to encourage  her, she just stood at the door sniffing for a while then retreated for her breakfast which I'd witheld to entice her back in if needed. She can take as long as she wants to go outside, there's no hurry.
So cute!!!!
The other day was hilarious. Belle is happy jumping up on the breakfast bar and walking along the counter. She has her meals in 2 sittings to reduce the possiblity of her puking - she used to be sick a lot because she gobbles her food down (probably from when she was on the street before being rescued and never knew when she could get a meal) Monday's meal was from a small tin and a sachet of cat soup (she adores it, I buy it when it's on offer as it's not that cheap, but these days I buy it when it's not on offer too because I can't resist her cute eyes). Usually I stick around in the kitchen while waiting to give her the second breakfast portion, but that day I needed stuff upstairs. While I was upstairs I thought she was playing from the noise I heard. I went down when my family noticed something was odd with the tinn. Belle had gone and helped herself!
The evidence - I take neat quarters for every meal - that is not a neat quarter at all!
 There was cat food on the work top, and the tin wasn't where I left it neatly but the container we keep her daily food in which had been neatly lined up. Belle then took advantage of me not feeling great - despite knowing what she had done I hadn't moved the food tin, so yes she helped herself to her 2nd breakfast when once again I went upstairs! Thankfully she didn't eat more than what I give her, the tin was yet again moved, and she was licking her paws. I don't know whether she just ate with her mouth, or if she dipped her paw in to get at the food - either way she had a breakfast buffet that morning! 

Since Belle loves sitting on the radiators in the new house I bought her a cat radiator bed which looks something like this. 
Just a random photo from Google, although the kitty looks like my old cat Tolly.

It arrived yesterday, and of course she hasn't gone on it, not even to jump on to get to the window sill - she deliberately ignores it! I'm leaving it up there in the hope she may one day use it, although if she doesn't it doesn't matter because it wasn't expensive. Cats are extremely fickle creatures and Belle is no exception! I've no doubt I'll have some more entertaining stories about her to share with you soon. 
That they do! (insert another animal if you aren't a cat love)

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #274 Spring is coming!

The flowers on my window sill certainly think warmer weather is on the way (let's ignore the fact they do flower all year round when I remember to water them regularly - that's why leaves are brown! I'm always amazed they flower at all).
Apologies for it being much longer than expected before this blog post. The cold I had during my mega strong medicine dose the other week has lingered - thankfully I no longer need tissues, my throat isn't sore and I can breathe just fine. My body simply takes forever to get over germs - while gaming and watching dvds all day may sound fun, it can get frustrating at not being able to do anything other than food and bathroom breaks. So long as I take things slowly I think I can safely say I'm on the mend! 

The mega cold spell we had in England last week including the not so epic snowfall also made my body go on strike further. I love snow so much! But mostly because I don't have to go anywhere so can stay safely inside. We haven't had snow like this for a couple of years, so I was mega excited even though I wasn't feeling well. Unfortunately a friend had way more snow than me (over 30 cms...), we had a few centimetres which was enough for me to do...
You can sort of see it's an angel...look closely!
..a snow angel!!! Has to be done ^u^ If you aren't sure what a snow angel is, you carefully lie in the snow with legs straight, then do a scissor action with them to make a skirt, and do the same with your arms to make the wings. I didn't feel great when I did it (snow always makes me unwell) but I knew the snow was due to melt later that day (it did) so I took the opportunity to do it. I also made...
 ...a demented snow bunny! I say demented because it was harder than expected to make the right shape without the snow crumbling away. It took over 6 tries to put the eyes on (currants - some lucky bird had an extra yummy meall that day), but it looks fairly like the Japanese snow bunnies that I see a lot in anime (which exist in real life and are the equivalent of snow angels for Japanese children). 
This one is far better than mine - hence why mine is demented!
The excitement from those two activities were worth the effort! I'd love to hear if you had any snow, what you did in the snow, and if you have any snow traditions. I'd love to live in Canada near a maple farm and make 'sugar snow' from the syrup like they do in the Laura Ingalls book series including Little House in Big Woods, that sounds so tasty and great fun! ....and it's only now as I type this that I realise I could have done it because I have some authentic maple syrup!!! The link takes you to my post about this delicious better than honey treat. 

Did you know maple syrup is about 3 times sweeter than sugar (& possibly honey) so you need less to get the same sweet taste. I like it in milk!
The next few days will continue to be full of resting with gaming and some more crochet (I've done a bit over the last few weeks), I'm working towards going out maybe Friday for errands and groceries, and doing a few bits & bobs slowly so as not to over do it. I hope you have a good day and there should be another blog post in a few days! Thank you again for being patient with blog inactivity, I have zero control on both the weather and my body throwing tantrums.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Hope to blog next week

Hi everyone, I'm offline until next week - had to take my mega strong meds last night which take a few days to get over, plus had a cold which because my immune system is rubbish really knocks me back. I'll return when I'm recovered!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #273 Resting lots!

She is so peaceful!
I hope to post something next week, but it is going to be a while longer because I'm still exhausted from the move - at one point I was too tired to game, so it was just dvd watching. Now I can game and read which has made a huge difference! I've an annual routine hospital appointment in London today, which will wear me out even further - just wanted to let you know I'm ok! Will be back when I can, but I can't push my body or I'll be worse for longer. It's a fine balance that I'm managing carefully. 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #272 The big secret project reveal!

What is it?
This post is literally html copied and pasted from my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner, hence the abundance of anime pictures. I'm in a rush to finish this post which is why I haven't changed it for you - sorry! Embrace the cuteness ^u^

For a while I've been talking about a mysterious secret project that's taken a lot of my time. It's been going on for over a year, and I can finally reveal what it is. 
It involves a lot of boxes, without me in them.
A lot of boxes!
 I've moved house! My family has moved house, so since I live with them I've moved too. Thankfuly it's still in the same area, which I like a lot. It's a lot of change, including keeping my cat inside for a few months (not that she wonders much past our old garden). I'm showing no photos for privacy reasons, mostly for my family's sake and also mine - I spend a lot of time in my room and only want friends and family to see it. Once I'm back online you'll notice any pictures I take will have a different carpet as the background, but that's the only change that you'll see. The rest is in the chaos of packing/unpacking/waiting for the internet to be connected - at the time of writing this post it may not be for at least a week, although my family are trying to persuade the service provider to do it sooner. 
I feel like Akari from Aria does - happy the secret is allowed to be revealed!
That's why I asked for happy thoughts and prayers 2 weeks ago, because at the time everything nearly fell through, but thank God it didn't. That's all the info I'm giving, there have been a ridiculous amount of difficulties and it's wonderful for it to finally happen. It's why I've been randomly busy for several days in a row, it's called packing. Thankfully I've just got my room to pack/unpack, not the whole house.

I'll be feeling a lot like Aika from Aria when she has to clear a load of stuff.
My family visiting from Australia is leaving soon, so I should have had a gaming day with them yesterday, and I'm now happily in lala land from taking my mega strong meds last night too.

You'll know when I'm back online because I'll probably say something on Twitter (my posts are auto-scheduled by software so it's not me putting them up in real time, as it were). Until then take care, and I'll see you when my new room is all set up!