Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #266 A Stubborn Cat

My adorable kitty! (Yes I'm very biased)
Those of you who follow me on  Twitter know that during the last week my cat has been reluctant to eat her dry food. She has 2 types of biscuits at the moment, one is a high protein variety, both she's happily eaten before. Okay, so she usually has a 3rd type (one with multicoloured biscuits), but even with that she's eaten the rest. 
Multicoloured cat kibble! I use natural coloured food (I think it's natural...it definitely has green bits in).

My family went on holiday last week and Belle decided to stop eating the dry food. I wasn't able to go out and get the 3rd type to create  her perfect mix. I didn't worry that much because she does this from time to time - she hates a change in routine and family being out is a change. This is the cat who picks up a few biscuits in her mouth and purposefully drops them on the floor for fun. Not eating dry food isn't unheard of, just annoying.
This, an empty cat bowl, is what I'd wanted to see over the last few days.
It meant that she kept asking for food, and I'm mean so didn't give in to the mega cute eyes and pleading cries. Some of my family may give in, some definitely won't. I don't because she has eaten the biscuits before, she's just being fussy! 

On Sunday there was a bit of progress, she actually ate some! No empty plate, but it was less full. It only lasted one meal though. 

So this morning my family return...and Belle finally starts eating a few biscuits. Cats! They may not be able to talk (unfortunately), but they know how to protest against things they don't like. I'd love to hear if your pet does something similar. 

I'd planned to post last week, but I wasn't feeling well so took it easy ^o^  Plan on posting around the weekend so long as nothing else crops up! I will be posting about the mocha cupcakes I made yesterday. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #265 Happily busy!

How can you resist me?
Hope you've all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. I hope to post a bit more regularly from next week. This week I've had family from Australia over, so I've been busy spending several hours at a time discussing video games (outfits are the best part!), and life in general, which ate up my energy leaving me with little to do much else as I'm not used to chatting so much each day. Family is leaving tomorrow (will be back for a few weeks in December (not returning down under until February)), but that will be a little less manic. Haven't seen them for 8 years so there's been a lot to catch up on! 

I have managed to do a bit of crochet, reading, and lots of gaming while I rest. 

The next few posts will include my stay in a Hilton Hotel, my current crochet project, possibly food related posts, and of course an update about my cat, Belle. Who as you can see from the photo is gorgous despite her elephant sized attitude. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Over On Nayu's Reading Corner #6

I hope it is for you!
Head over to my other blog Nayu's Reading Corner to find out what I've been up to! Didn't want to write the same post twice.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #264 Kind of busy with Life

Peekaboo! Not my kitten but oh so cute!
This is short post as it's almost bed (I'm prescheduling it). Last week was spent mostly getting over my mega meds aka ketamine (yes the stuff vets use for animals, and poplar in A&E), which takes time for the initial and varied effects to wear off. Then I went grocery shopping which also takes time to recover from (a little extra than normal as I'm having to go to a bigger store at the moment).

It's going to be a gaming kind of week!
This week I've got some life stuff going on, which I mentioned a few blog posts ago (I think) in so far as I'm not talking about what's going on. But, a result of it is that for today and tonight only I'm staying in a Hilton hotel! That's the fun side of the life stuff. I'm really looking forward to that part, I'm not taking much to do, just my Nintendo 3DS to keep me occupied, along with my tiny tablet which has ebooks on and some lace yarn with a crochet hook - yes there will be craft! 
This was taken months ago, and the yarn I'm using today is maybe in there. Equally maybe not! It's late and I'm doing this post in a rush.
Tomorrow (Thursday) is a full on day of life stuff, after that I'll be having a few days R&R to recover and decompress. So it probably will be at least 5 days until my next blog post here - I'm sorry! Unfortunately as I'm sure you'll appreciate life happens. ^u^ Just got to revel in the good parts to get through the not so fun parts. 
It's a bit early but I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #263 Peaceful day

Say hi to Timmy! A friend's new rabbit - he was stray so after being checked out by a vet she took him in. An adorable Dwarf Lop with a very large attitude!
Right now I'll probably be relaxing on my bed after taking my lovely mega strong medicine on Friday, which takes a good 5 days to fully recover from. This is a pre-scheduled post (go me!). I suspect I'll be doing a lot of gaming and maybe some craft, but that's not a definite activity as I usually need to be horizontal for a few days. I need to be sitting to do crochet! Hopefully my cat will keep me company as she does if she's in the mood. 
I'll be enjoying listening to my birds tweeting away, and yelling at them if they fight (they do occasionally, poor Hibiki is missing a few neck feathers thanks to Tomoya being a bully). 
Taken when I first got them so all feathers attached (Hibiki's the white Zebra Finch, Tomoya's the more traditional coloured one)
Whatever you're up to I hope your day is going well!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Nayu's Product Review #4 Oreo Thins

When I was shopping in Sainsbury's on Thursday I noticed a new type of oreo on the end of an aisle (the fateful place where the shop tempts us with offers). Oreo thins sounded intriguing, so since they were 50p per box I got 2 of them.
This is true, they are thinner.. Moving on to my opinion...
Opening them up they are contained in 2 packages, which is a good idea for freshness. They smelt and looked like an oreo, albeit with less filling. That should have sent warning bells to me but it didn't.Upon tasting it I realised a huge part of the fun of oreos was the large filling, seen below in an ordinary sized oreo. 
Proper oreo!!!

The oreo thins still taste like oreos, but with less filling they aren't something I'd buy again. I'll happy eat them, but they aren't proper oreos to me, which are totally delicious. I suppose if you like the taste and want less calories then the thins are the way to go, but if you like the full oreo experience stick with the original size. 

These oreos were bought by me and not endorse by whoever makes them. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Nayu's Project Progress #34 Dipping into Ink Stamping!

Like this blog post!
It's been waaay too long since I've had one of these posts, and it's a quick one but I really need to head out and get groceries so I'm not super late in eating lunch. As the title suggests, this week I've been trying out ink stamping! It's something I've wanted to do but haven't had many materials for - my family were going to get rid of some of theirs so kindly gave them to me when I showed my interest. Here's what I managed to do in my first session: 
I still need to work on sensing the correct amount of ink on the stamp, and making sure I press firmly all the way round so the entire image is whole. I seem to press more lightly on the top right side of the stamp, so that's my 'homework' for the next session. It's super fun, especially with my favourite Gorjuss girls as subjects ^o^ They are my favourite brand for bags and stationary: my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner, has a Gorjuss girl as part of the design. It was taken at a time the artist gave blog templates for free, so a friend of mind worked her magic to make fit it into my design.
 I'd love to hear if you enjoy stamping!