Thursday, 16 November 2017

Nayu's Jigsaw Puzzling #1

My snazzy jigsaw case outside...

This is going to be an open-ended series of posts, but used the parts so it could be identified (& I'll try to remember to include previous posts in future posts (that does make sense if you read it carefully!). 

While I was ill last week I didn't feel up for gaming a lot of the time, so dived into my jigsaw puzzles. I finally finished the super hard one I'd borrowed from family. 
If you enlarge this picture you may be able to see the different types of puzzle pieces which made it difficult.

This one was evil because as well as using the standard type of jigsaw pieces 
Like these
it used unusual shaped ones. 
Like these but with more radical shapes - some had no holes!

Because of that I found it took a lot longer because my brain had to process the different shapes, and I won't be doing another in a hurry, at least not until I've improved with 'normal' shaped jigsaws. I was rather frustrated by the end, and was determined to finish the monstrosity. I'm happy now back to normal pieces, which if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me post updates as I made progress. In case you missed it here's the progress of my current 500 piece Country Companions puzzle: 
Super cute! I love the little ladybirds helping the hedgehogs and mice out.
I've loved Country Companions ever since I was little, there's something utterly charming about the hedgehogs and mice. Sadly years ago I threw out all the cross stitch pictures I'd done of them, but one day I'll make some more! (Tip: Keep an eye in sales for cross stitch kits which generally are expensive outside of favourite online store Sew & Sew (no it's not a promoted post: I genuinely predominantly use them for my embroidery needs) 
Current progress on 14th November 2017 - I'm over half way!

500 pieces and under jigsaw puzzles are easier for me to do in bed, the 1000 piece was impossible to do at my roughest. Just because there are fewer peices doesn't always mean that the puzzle will be easier - it took me ages to sort out the flower sections in my current puzzle. I got there, and managed most of the hedgehog pieces too! I'd love to hear what type of jigsaw puzzles you've tried! 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #262 Postal Competition (That isn't an NCD competition)

Still dreaming of an American style post box!
Sorry if the title is misleading - this isn't a competition to do with the postal service! It's basically because yesterday I saw 1 postman with shorts on. I asked if he was cold and he said no, and that he can't lose against our other postman. I saw the other one today and yes, he was wearing shorts too! I guess if they are moving around a lot they will stay warm, and since they keep wrapped up with scarf and gloves they may not feel the cold so much, though I still feel a bit sorry for them, even though it's self-inflicted. 

I'm staying nice and toasty inside! The colder weather has begun in earnest, so lots of rest is happening while my body goes on strike. I managed to bake a super yummy vegetable dish yesterday: peas + sweetcorn + baked potato + broccoli + beansprouts + bechemal (white) sauce = winter warmer meal! I haven't got a picture yet - will add one in the next post, but it's delicious (included stock cube & grated mild chedder cheese), and I'm having it for lunch today! (I eat my main meal at lunch)
Too perfect to be my picture! Plus I didn't add herbs.
 Will post my recipe when I do get a picture, but you can put whatever veg you like in (& I guess add meat if you want). I simply Googled a white sauce recipe as I haven't made one for yonks, cut up the potato and broccoli super small, (not quite as small as the peas and sweetcorn), cooked everything in the microwave for speed (separately but only takes a few minutes unlike the many more minutes if I'd cooked it on the hob. My kind of cooking is super fast!), made the sauce then mixed it together! Simple! 

I've been busy working on jigsaw puzzles, something I'll discuss in the next post. Until then...

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Currently unwell

Not mine but a randomly cute picture of cat plushies!
I'd hoped to post the recipe for my roasted veg & feta couscous salad by now, and scheduled a few other posts, but I've been unwell since yesterday (nothing specific, just my body being very stupid and annoying), so it will be a few more days until anything new gets put up. I'm resting lots with gaming, jigsaw puzzle when I feel up to it, reading and anime! I hope you're all getting something happy into your days and stay away from germs! 
I found this amusing!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Nayu's Product Review #5 Limited Edition Morrisons Orange Donuts

This is the cutest halloween themed image I could find - hate it, but love Hello Kitty and actually love bats so her cute belt appeals to me!
Donuts can be doughnuts but somehow donuts looks better to me! I really hate halloween - I find it too scary, and belief wise I believe in supernatural things but they are best left alone and may God protect us from them all. It's frustrating because the celebrations even reach games that I play - you'd think that Disney would make super cute halloween decorations in The Magic Castle games for the 3DS (Japanese version) but no, they are scary and the worse thing it started in September and possibly won't end until the christmas season starts! Sigh. 
Not my pics, but this is what it looks like - scary!
The only good thing about it is that the game Love Live School Idol Festival which has a tendency to dominate my Twitter feed has lots of bonus log-ins because of Halloween. 
I got some of the bonuses, not all, sadly. These were on both the JP & WW server.

Wait, I almost forgot the main reason why I'm writing this post - the food! The other great thing about halloween is that there are some time limited food. Most of the treats I don't like because they look scary, but while at work the other day one of my family saw people eating Morrisons halloween donuts. 
Had not idea this supermarket has been going over 100 years!

It was a bit of a case of me misinterpretating what was said because I thought they were in the shape of a pumpkin and tasted of orange but may have pumpkin in too (I really like pumpkin! I totally live on the wrong continent for pumpkin flavoured food at this time of year (*waves at America*)). 
I Googled the donuts, didn't get a lot of info easily so I turned to Twitter, where the lovely Kirsty contacted the manager (or deputy manager) of my local store, and answered all my questions. There's nothing pumpkin-y about these donuts as you can see! 

Anyway, I was going to go out today and get some, but my family got me some instead, saving me a trip. They are super yummy! 

For Twitter purposes I took a picture of the donuts (slightly squashed from cutting it in half) to show the orange centre which reminds me a little of the Little Chef Restaurant lollies from my childhood which still exist as I discovered this year. It isn't too sickly or sweet for me, it makes a nice change from other jams, and I'm looking forward to what gets brought out next year! I highly recommend them except today will probably be the last day they are available. So go get yours fast! 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #261 My cat hates the music I love!

I listen to both audiobooks and music, the latter being the topic of this post.
While I have zero knowledge of current music (both type, the most popular singers/bands, etc), I'm very familiar with Winx Club music (soundtrack of the series), with a preference for the French version since I generally watch it in French not English. 
Best CD ever!!!!

However, my main music comes from Youtube, because that's where I listen to Vocaloid music. Which my cat doesn't like. 
Her back is what I saw leaving my room!
For ages I always wore headphones because she can be fussy with noise. Over the past few months I'd been training her to get used to noise, or so I thought. Yesterday I was listening to my favourite Vocaloid Hatsune Miku on Youtube. 
Love that I can both play Miku games and listen to her online!
Belle's ears were back a little while she supposedly slept, but it got to the point where she got up and went away. I'm convinced it's because of Miku! I will now listen on headphones as I love having her curled up beside me... this!
Does your pet like what you listen to? I know my birds, Tomoya & Hibiki chatter away to whatever I put on, so they at least seem to like Miku. Vocaloids aren't universally loved though, unfortunately, as Belle demonstrated. Didn't stop me playing Miku songs on the playstation this morning - PS4 has headphone slot in controllers reducing amount of wires needed. Bit busy tomorrow and got a friend over all day Thursday so having quiet time gaming/anime watching between those activities. 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #7 Got a new toy!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know what it is!
This week got a bit busy, and I have to get offline asap - find out why over on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner! Yes it's game related ^u^

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #260 Finally back!

You will never catch me doing this - I hate heights, and don't have the physical strength to do it!
Feels like ages since I last blogged! My mega meds did their job, although I seemed to skip a day of wanting to climb walls (which is absolutely horrid and have no idea how drug addicts cope with that symptom) and instead have an extra 2 days of feeling bleh. It could just have been bad timing, as the weather was quite bad (go me for having a body as a weather vane), but I'll happily take it than constantly needing to do something due to constant restlessness. 

I had a day of two where I could game (yay!) which was mostly tablet games as anything else involved too many screen changes, or weird screen changes that I just can't cope with after my mega strong meds. I then hit the stage of being unable to stand anything with a screen, so I caught up on my review reading, which was fun. I did manage a tiny bit of work on this blanket, which I hope to finish soon, life depending of course! 
It's far bigger than this now, just having got an updated photo to hand

The next few months are quite busy with a secret project which I can reveal in January - it's not as exciting as it sounds, but is going to take a lot of my energy. There's also something super fun on my horizon, which isn't craft but it's gaming! 

A game I'm currently working my way through is Atelier Rorona, a Japanese role-playing game on the PS3 (the worst in the series as it's severely time restricted which I hate. Thankfully the others aren't so bad, according to reviews). 
It's alchemy based, so there are lots of recipes to create new items (once I've gathered the supplies from either the various locations to travel in or bought them in town), some monsters to slay, and people to chat with. All highly enjoyable...except the time limit to completing the mandatory tasks is severely limiting and makes it not the most enjoyable game in the world. Up until this morning I wasn't go to replay it, but I might now I've finally (at assignment 10 of 12) worked out thanks to the internet how to craft new weapons and defence clothing! It makes it heaps easier! 
I only persevered at the start because Rorona is adorable, and a character in later games.
However, later this week I'm getting a new console! I'm not saying which just yet, that'll be revealed (& hinted at) in a few days. ^u^ It feels like I've been breathing research about the console all week, which was needed to figure out which edition to get, but I made up my mind last night. So excited!

After pre-scheduling some book reviews this morning, it's almost lunch time! Time for anime after, then easy gaming & crochet. Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Going quiet until Friday!

I wish I could say the title was for something amazing - it kind of is, but the side effects of my mega strong meds that I need today aren't the most pleasant (though I absolutely couldn't do without it, so it's a fair trade to feel extra rubbish for a few days for many more days benefit.) I may appear on Twitter before Friday, but won't be blogging until then. Hopefully I'll have some fun craft progress to share with you! Hope you all have a super weekend and stay well!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #259 All blogged out

So I'd planned to do a blog post today about the lovely stay in a Hilton hotel I had in August, but the 2 feature posts which I had to do on Nayu's Reading Corner took an insane amount of time to format (I'll link when one is up because it's about World Animal Day on 4th October), so I have no time left to do the post I'd wanted. Hopefully that will be the next post.

After lunch (coming shortly) I'll be playing in 2 online gaming events, with plans to do crochet tonight! That's if nothing else comes up/my body decides it wants a quieter eve.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #268 Having a break in Costa...

Which one did I have? Sadly no prizes for guessing!
...that's Costa Coffee not a holiday in Costa Del Sol (or whatever it's called). This is an interim post until the next one which is all about cupcakes! I wanted to put something up, so thought about what I've done recently and thought I'd share a supremely delicious drink I had recently from Costa. I know that Starbucks does similar style drinks, and I'm sure other big and little coffee companies will too.
I had one like this, but this isn't mine or my hand. Thank you unknown person!
Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of drinking the mint chocolate chip Frostino! Look at the green minty goodness (FYI goodness as in it tasted good. It does have calcium, which is good for us, and mint is refreshing...that's about all the nutritional type of goodness I can think of! It is vegetarian but not vegan)! I wanted something refreshing, and love mint flavoured things, so thought why not? The straw is wide enough to suck up the tiny chocolate chips for most mouthfuls; there's no skimping in the amount of chips either! It's my new favourite flavour for iced milkshake type drinks. What's yours? 
I was looking for an empty costa cup, but came across this saying and thought it was perfect for this post! Substitute coffee for tea/herbal tea/hot chocolate/any drink you like!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #267 A Not Entirely Stubborn Cat

Don't be fooled by the cuteness! Inside that adorable furball is a diamond strength personality who does what she wants when she want!
Happy Monday! In my previous post  A Stubborn Cat I detailed just how fussy my cat has been recently with her dry food. I'm sure all you pet owners can relate to your beloved (if sometimes a little frustrating) critter going through a phase of not enjoying something eaten loads of times in the past. Well, I have news... she eating all her biscuits???

and it is good news! Upon adding the multicoloured biscuits to her mix Belle happily gobbled up her dry biscuits - yay! 
That was cause for celebration ^u^ It's possible she started eating because a) family were back from being on holiday b) because she felt like it, but whatever the reason I'm just glad she's pestering me less for food which is clearly there but she isn't eating. If her bowl is empty,  it stays empty until food time! If not, I just remind her there is good food there which she ate some earlier in the day. Cats are very fickle, but I am a strong (mean/stubborn) owner! 
So true! Switch your favourite animal for cat if you prefer another. Or add others if you adore more than 1 - for me it's also zebra finches!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #266 A Stubborn Cat

My adorable kitty! (Yes I'm very biased)
Those of you who follow me on  Twitter know that during the last week my cat has been reluctant to eat her dry food. She has 2 types of biscuits at the moment, one is a high protein variety, both she's happily eaten before. Okay, so she usually has a 3rd type (one with multicoloured biscuits), but even with that she's eaten the rest. 
Multicoloured cat kibble! I use natural coloured food (I think it's definitely has green bits in).

My family went on holiday last week and Belle decided to stop eating the dry food. I wasn't able to go out and get the 3rd type to create  her perfect mix. I didn't worry that much because she does this from time to time - she hates a change in routine and family being out is a change. This is the cat who picks up a few biscuits in her mouth and purposefully drops them on the floor for fun. Not eating dry food isn't unheard of, just annoying.
This, an empty cat bowl, is what I'd wanted to see over the last few days.
It meant that she kept asking for food, and I'm mean so didn't give in to the mega cute eyes and pleading cries. Some of my family may give in, some definitely won't. I don't because she has eaten the biscuits before, she's just being fussy! 

On Sunday there was a bit of progress, she actually ate some! No empty plate, but it was less full. It only lasted one meal though. 

So this morning my family return...and Belle finally starts eating a few biscuits. Cats! They may not be able to talk (unfortunately), but they know how to protest against things they don't like. I'd love to hear if your pet does something similar. 

I'd planned to post last week, but I wasn't feeling well so took it easy ^o^  Plan on posting around the weekend so long as nothing else crops up! I will be posting about the mocha cupcakes I made yesterday.  See the follow up post A Not Entirely Stubborn Cat for details on whether she ate her food or not after new biscuits were added!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #265 Happily busy!

How can you resist me?
Hope you've all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. I hope to post a bit more regularly from next week. This week I've had family from Australia over, so I've been busy spending several hours at a time discussing video games (outfits are the best part!), and life in general, which ate up my energy leaving me with little to do much else as I'm not used to chatting so much each day. Family is leaving tomorrow (will be back for a few weeks in December (not returning down under until February)), but that will be a little less manic. Haven't seen them for 8 years so there's been a lot to catch up on! 

I have managed to do a bit of crochet, reading, and lots of gaming while I rest. 

The next few posts will include my stay in a Hilton Hotel, my current crochet project, possibly food related posts, and of course an update about my cat, Belle. Who as you can see from the photo is gorgous despite her elephant sized attitude.